Find a way to celebrate 

Preface to what you’re about to see is that it’s not Chewy’s birthday. In fact it wasn’t even near my birthday or his when this picture was taken. 

My amazing friends took me to dinner and a concert to celebrate my half birthday. My birthday wasn’t halfway there—maybe a 3/12th birthday. They gave me the sash and tiara which Chewy was happy to try on that night since he LOVES dress up. 

So why the pseudo birthday celebration? No, it wasn’t to get a free meal at the local Mexican restaurant. The amazing point of these dear friends was just celebrating me. It was one of the best moment because I felt so loved and appreciated.

Today, I went back to the beginning when I started writing Chewyisms, and I found my first write up that was six years ago. My life was tough and Chewy’s crazy anxiety attacks were driving me crazier, but he listened to my antics without judgement. Six years later, the kids spied whitening eyebrows and less energy as his rear is spreading. His getting older, and I, sadly, get it. 

So, today is Chewy Day. I will celebrate him. I will give him love and focus. Telling him he’s a “good boy” and just make him feel appreciated.

What about you? Who needs those moments of appreciation for being here and a part of your life? If you have a person that needs that special moment, I have a tiara and sash they can borrow…if Chewy’s willing to give it up. 

The Beginning of Chewy post


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