Precious moments

Sunday is my faith and family day. I’ve not been great about making it happen, but I’m try and get a “C” for effort. Today means no work and all about growing relationships. You may find this a piece of cake, but I want to open up the laptop and work or drown myself in […]

Where’s your bowl?

I ask Chewy this question often as he carries his bowl from family member to family member asking for food by dropping it at our feet with a loud clanging noise. Could he be any more obvious about what he wants? I don’t think so.  I find myself doing the same thing. I want those […]

I’m not Facebook material

I haven’t saved the world, haven’t traveled (except to the grocery store), don’t need to tell my kids how awesome they are on Facebook when I should be telling them in the next room (but forget to do that), and I just have a handful of dear friends I’m connected with that I actually want to […]