Here I am!

As a kid, I loved going shopping with my mom and hiding out in the clothes carousels. They were big and round allowing me to go in the center where I couldn’t be found. Now my Italian mother was never quiet with her yells, “Sonia, Son-iaaaaa…SON-IAAAAAA!” I had to pop out at this point or I […]

The evidence

Okay, this is how it all went down… The teenage boy, knowing it was his older sister’s last grape Smuckers, ate it. When questioned, he denied eating the mentioned snack.  What he didn’t know was that he had the Smucker’s wrapper in the bathroom. Sadly, he left it on the bathroom counter beside his toothbrush, […]

Precious moments

Sunday is my faith and family day. I’ve not been great about making it happen, but I’m try and get a “C” for effort. Today means no work and all about growing relationships. You may find this a piece of cake, but I want to open up the laptop and work or drown myself in […]